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But while these critics offered insights into the destructive nature of government and the wealth-creating power of free individuals, they missed the essential can be attributed in large part to the ways in which she differed from others on the Right.Not least is the fact she presented her philosophy in the form of powerful novels.In 2003 he published a novel, supposedly based on facts, of how the Objectivist movement was marginalized and consigned to irrelevance in the American political scene and society. (See Robert Bidinotto’s March 2003 review, “Getting It Wrong”.)Far more surprising, however, is the additional indisputable fact that Rand has changed the American political scene.In no small measure because of her work, the political policies she advocated are no longer considered as radical as they were in her own day.Very few thinkers joined Rand in basing an uncompromising defense of laissez-faire capitalism on a moral philosophy of personal freedom—a philosophy of individual rights to life, liberty, and property that harkened back to the Founding Fathers.And of her era, or any other era, provided the Enlightenment philosophy of individual rights with an Enlightenment moral foundation, one that did not rely on invoking God.was published, the Right that had opposed the New Deal was essentially dead.It was the era of Eisenhower and “moderate Republicanism.” Rand complained that when Nikita Khrushchev was visiting the United States and proclaiming the virtues of “scientific” socialism, all that the U. ambassador to the UN, Henry Cabot Lodge Jr., could say about America’s moral superiority to the murderous Soviet regime was that America was founded on a faith in God.

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José Piñera, who helped privatize Chile’s retirement system in the 1980s, is yet another fan.

Administration officials did not then speak of “the evil empire.”During those unpromising times, a collection of strange bedfellows from disparate philosophies was starting to gel into the modern conservative movement, and, later, into the libertarian movement.

Leading the conservatives were the followers of Russell Kirk, who believed that a good society is one that helps restrain the unbridled ego through traditions and religions, especially Christianity.

January/February 2006 -- Although Ayn Rand was born a century ago, and although she died a generation ago, her philosophy of Objectivism is among the most vital influences on contemporary American culture—and, increasingly, on contemporary global culture.

That is all the more impressive in light of the rabid opposition that Rand’s ideas initially drew from both the Right and Left.

Depicting the Randian hero as a blind pleasure-seeker, her critics ignored her insistence, repeated tirelessly, that one’s true self-interest is a rational and long-range self-interest, not a thoughtless, whim-driven lurching from one superficial desire to another.

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