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Depending on the specific ink formula and fabric, the following methods may or may not work. Some fabrics are more prone to damage with treatment from substances like soap and alcohol.With any stain removal method, do a small test spot before tackling the entire stain.Gel pens also smudge more and run out faster than ballpoint pens because of their fluidity.Ballpoint ink consists of dye dissolved in a mixture of alcohols and fatty acids.Because they are thick, less comes out as you write, so ballpoints generally last longer.Their thick formula also requires you to apply more pressure when you write.As you can imagine, we receive a lot of questions about how to troubleshoot pen problems and which pens to choose.In this guide, we’ve compiled ballpoint and gel pen tips and tricks based on common customer questions.

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Use an alcohol-based hairspray or rubbing alcohol for ballpoint stains. Saturate the affected article of clothing with the all-purpose cleaner and keep a towel underneath to prevent transfer.Packages are air sealed, and air can dry out the refills if you break the seal.Keep pens inside a pen case to prevent them from getting damaged or misplaced.You can contact our customer service team for any purchased pen that arrives leaking. If a pen leaks after some use, we recommend removing the leaking refill and cleaning up the pen body with a mild household cleaner. Retractable mechanisms also reduce air exposure when the tip is retracted, although they are not as protective as capped pens.

Additionally, keep refills in their packaging until they’re needed.

Our pen case selection has a wide range of options that suit different needs and styles.

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