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This place is usually bustling with couples or groups looking to have a good time with great beer and delicious food.

They also feature a Brunch every Sunday and live music with some great local musicians. Now you can hang out with your friends at the same place your favorite TV characters used to hang out at.

This place is the perfect spot if you’re in the mood for some good food and great gigs. They play funky music which will keep your spirit up and if you are the kind of person who is into buffets, fret not, this place serves amazing pocket friendly buffet too. A little out of your daily budget, but its the perfect place to spend your blue moons at when your wallet is overflowing.

-18° is one of those cafés which just pops out with its ambience and carefully selected minimalistic pastel color scheme. The waffles are perfectly crispy on the outside and soft and fluffy on the inside with a generous amount of whipped cream to make you feel like you’ve stepped into heaven.

The omelets served here are juicy, succulent and perfectly cooked.

They also have open mic sessions with a new theme every month.