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By sharing your PIN number with friends and family, they can message you using PIN messaging, or use it as one way to add you to their Black Berry® Messenger (BBM™) contact list.

Today I’ll be showing you a few different ways to find out what your PIN number is.

For example, have your Black Berry dictionary automatically substitute the text short form "OMW" to read "on my way," or automatically insert your office address whenever you type "myoffice." Those are just a couple of examples.

Think about the phrases you end up writing out often and create your own texting shortcuts.1.

Beyond typical online dating, BBPeople Meet is a focused community dedicated to big and beautiful dating. Millions of singles are trying online dating sites but when you join BBPeople, you know you will find what you are looking for intelligent, loving, accepting singles who are seeking other full figured singles.

With thousands of BBW singles and BBM singles in our community, you could be moments away from meeting your next truly great catch!

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(For help finding out which version you are using, check out this post on how to identify the Black Berry device software version.) For Black Berry smartphones running Black Berry Device Software 5.0 and earlier: Tip: You can also use Universal Search to find this information – just type PIN and select Options (1) to be shown the option of Device and Status Information, which contains your PIN number.To access this screen, complete the steps below that apply to you. screen on a Black Berry smartphone with a full qwerty keyboard (such as the Black Berry® Bold™ 9900 smartphone): Method 2 – Accessing Device Information In addition to the Help Me!Screen, you can also use the Device and Status Information screen to identify the Black Berry smartphone PIN number.If nothing else, your inbox “unread” count will give you a much better idea of what you actually have to deal with.1.

In the Hub, swipe down to the date at which you want to clean the slate.2. There are short codes to insert your Black Berry PIN for people to add you on BBM, to insert the date and time, and more. There's a little-publicized trick that can help you tame that seemingly unwieldy mass of unread messages, though: mark messages as “read” prior to a date you choose. When you're listening to music on your Black Berry, which do you do more often: change the volume or skip tracks? Thankfully, you can change the physical volume keys on the side of your Black Berry to control both the volume the playback. Open the Settings menu, swipe down to Main Volume and select.2. Now, when you're listening to music, the “up” rocker key will skip forward a track and the “down” rocker key will skip back just by pressing down.So, if it’s July 15th and you’ve got 87 unread messages dating back to July 10th, simply use the Mark Prior Read function to change unread messages from July 14th or earlier to read. There are a whole host of time-saving features and power-user tweaks tucked away in the Black Berry 10 operating system.