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You teach in individual and small groups of up to six students. Note: in our group, there are those who love i Tutor and those who absolutely hate them. Nikki covers a lot of these concerns in her interview.

Review: The available positions they have are for tutors to teach customized online English classes to Chinese students of various ages, ranging from young learners to mature professionals.

Review: i Tutor also know as Tutor ABC is from Taiwan has been around for a long time.

The base pay rate if you are not living in a country like the US is not that good at -11 per hour.

Yes, we understand that many non-native ESL teachers are qualified to work as native English teachers. No worries though, let us help you find a new job by listing out those companies that are non-native friendly!

Review: Fluentify is a well-established online platform with a corporate focus and currently targeting the Italian market.

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you should also have a degree and a TEFL certificate or higher.Review: Oakary is not a school, but our trusted recruiting partner that helps teachers getting English teaching jobs by matching your teaching preferences and qualifications with schools’ criteria. They work with both Online ESL schools and teaching abroad in the classroom in China and Taiwan. If you want to look for students who are Japanese adults then Cafetalk is a good platform to try out.The benefit of having Oakary for job application is that it only requires one single job application submission from you as a candidate, then they will help you match and connect to the HR of the multiple schools based on your teaching preferences and qualifications. A good thing about this platform is you can create as many different courses that you want.You will be teaching adult learners with a pay rate of – per hour.