Bengali girls dating diy consolidating corporate files

20-Aug-2017 00:06

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Be it a profound knowledge of the the arts and sciences, or impeccable English, they master everything. Thus, it is only natural that their children receive the best of what they can get educationally. Their parents especially their mother, mean the world to them.So, you don’t have to worry about family time with them.10) If you aren’t too much into cheesy stuff. They consider themselves too evolved to be involved in such things.Morning walks, gym routine comes into play only after a constant persuasion. They would convert a trivial conversation into arguments and intense discussions, but mind you they are mostly logical arguments.3) Bengali girls are extremely pretty and look beautiful in their saris. Your guy would love to see you in a sari and would dream about those beautiful eyelashes.4) Every Bengali guy has a good name and a home name.The home names are used by their family members only.Bengal has given the most beautiful “black beauties” and unlike most of the North Indian mentality, they know for sure that a good nature or pretty face never implies fair color.12) They generally have a good command over English. But I am afraid it’s not the same with Hindi.13) If you are thinking about marrying a Bengali, don’t be scared.According to me, they are most liberal minded people in India.14)From my personal observation, I found Bengalis to be particular about cleanliness.

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By mature I mean, they know how to be calm, sensible and mentally & emotionally strong in every situation.8) Most of them are expert in some particular form of art, sport or have an in-depth knowledge of history and literature.I know the basic things in cooking and I make delicious cakes, brownies, chocolates, cookies with pleasure but if you ask me to prepare a full meal for someone. And few of them even cook the meal for entire home once a week.4) They are foodie. I think the phrase that “Way to a men’s heart goes via is stomach”, came after observing Bengali men only.Also it’s really advantageous for me, because I have a low appetite and he’s always there to finish both the plates.5) They love golgappas. Being brought up in a culture who believes in goddess Durga, they do not discriminate between a boy and a girl.Among the 4 closest friends I mentioned above, 1st is a brilliant photographer and sketcher, 2nd one is an exceptional singer and mad about football, 3rd one is multi talented (painting, coding, basketball, dancing, music, etc.) So you can guess how under talented I feel being with them.