Best advice on consolidating student loans

01-Jun-2017 13:57

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Prosper is the best P2P lending company for first time investors.With Prosper’s online platform, investors can invest as little as per note.Investing in P2P lending offers higher returns for investors on a regular basis than that of other conventional investments.Here's a quick video that explains why that is: When you invest in a P2P company, investor’s principal investment is diversified over many hundreds of loans administered by the particular lending company. Most people do, and it's a beast of burden for many.In the best of all possible worlds, all loans, and lending institutions would be created equal in their treatment of investors and borrowers. Refinancing and consolidating debt can be extremely beneficial in lessening the load of high interest debt, making up over 70 percent of all consumer loans in the United States.Operating in the United States and the United Kingdom, Funding Circle is the best peer-to-peer lender for small business loans.Funding Circle knows small business needs, because they started from the ground up.

This article briefly explains P2P lending and then reviews the best peer-to-peer lending services that you ​should consider for 2017 investing/borrowing.

Loans begin at two thousand dollars and go up to 35 thousand.

Loan repayment terms are offered between three year terms and five-year terms.

The companies who have reported statistics showing the highest rate of return with the least risk, per investment portfolio, are Lending Club, Prosper and Funding Circle.

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The world's largest peer-to-peer lender, Lending Club has issued over twenty billion dollars in loans, since their inception in 2007.The volume of loans which have been borrowed to date, between the two largest lenders in the industry, amounts to over two hundred thousand loans and over two billion dollars, in all.While many peer to peer lending companies offer services in the United States, Lending Club offers some of the highest returns on loans that are graded highly and Prosper is the most reliable for low default rates on all of their graded loans.Lending Club offers consumer loans in addition to small business loans, and medium sized business loans.

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