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09-Jun-2017 01:41

Before the Great Recession and the housing crash, borrowers across the country accessed money by using the equity in their homes as collateral.

Car title loans carry an added risk, but for many in need of cash with a suitable vehicle, they are the most attractive option.No credit check is required and lenders only require a postdated check as collateral.Although payday loans are accessible by a large group of consumers, they do carry high interest rates and should be not be borrowed without careful consideration.Secured personal loans are short-term forms of credit which are linked to a form of collateral.

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In order to access these small loans, borrowers offer a valuable item, such as a vehicle, real estate, or a paycheck, in order to leverage the loan.the amount of collateral, or lack thereof), and the borrower’s credit history.The best interest rates are given to borrowers with a valuable collateral item and a high credit score.Borrowers without a car or home are not without personal loan options.