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18-Feb-2017 12:26

Christian Cafe is a Christian dating website that was founded in the year 1999.Christian cafe has been used by a vast majority of Christian singles to find their partners.This search option enables users to use various search filters in order to be more specific or less specific in as far as the such results are concerned.

There have been over 25,000 successful marriages that have happened thanks to this site.

I would recommend this site to anyone who is looking to find a suitable Christian dating site.

Elite Singles came to the realization from some quick statistics pulled from the Pew Research exam, that 70% of Americans are Christians.

Elite Singles has a majority of its members being people between the age of 30-55 and who are done with at least their undergraduate programs.

Elite Singles hosts a vast majority of people who are professionals and as mentioned earlier, above the age of 30.I personally recommend Elite Singles to any professional who is looking to be in a long term engagement.This Christian dating site was founded by a Christian psychologist.Christian Mingle has gone out of it’s way to ensure that their users are able to pair up with the right mate.