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This sound is used when the lonesome male, which it has an eye on, stands further than 50 m (164 ft) away.When the female gets the male’s attention, it approaches the male to the distance of 10-40 m (33-131 ft) turning its neck and keeping its rump towards the male.It mainly stays in Australian scrubland called the scrub or in so-called sclerophyll forests (the area similar to the scrub).In West Australia, it has been observed that the emu is moving in seasonal pattern – in the summer, it stays in the north and in the winter, it lives in the south.The passive male does not change the color of its plumage but it has blue marks on the skin.These are very subtle changes and somebody who is not a scientist would find it difficult to distinguish the gender.If the male is still interested, the female approaches it gradually flaunting.Females often fight with each other to obtain the male.

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It is estimated that there are from 625 000 to 725 000 flightless birds on the whole continent including around 100 000-200 000 in West Australia; the rest of birds mainly exist in Queensland and New South Wales.It happens that these flightless birds swallow the shards of glass, marble, car keys, bolt nuts, and jewelry.The emu rarely drinks but it can drink a huge amount of water at once.Females are slightly bigger than males, they are also a bit wider in the rump.

The emu has the vestigial wings of about 20 cm (8 in) long. It is thought that this is the form of the stabilizer, thanks to which the animal does not fall down. Sunbeams are absorbed by the feathers’ tips and their internal layer.The plumage changes its color under the influence of the environment so as the bird can be better camouflaged – in wet conditions, species are darker.Emus also have sharp claws on their legs just as cassowaries.The emu – the family of the flightless birds belonging to the biggest birds in the world, next to the African ostrich and the cassowary.

But that doesn’t make them any miserable to its free-flying friends, they enjoy being a bird, with what they’ve. They’ve wings and feathers, but still couldn’t fly?I don’t know if Ostrich or Emu would attack a human being or not, but Cassowary is some flightless, shy bird, you don’t want to mess with.… continue reading »

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The biggest flightless birds alive today are the ostrich, the northern cassowary, the emu, the greater rhea, and the emperor penguin. Number of Feathers. Fewer feathers large feathers only grow in feather tracks, to keep the weight down.… continue reading »

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