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15-Jun-2017 15:55

And he was thinking to himself 'God, her friends are horrible people, they don't even want to plan her birthday with me.' It was just so funny," she said.

Eventually her friends and her sister convinced her it was time to come clean.

magazine, the couple revealed how they go to great lengths to keep their marriage thriving, and it all has to do with their strict cell phone policy.

"The minute we come home, all our phones go in [a dish by the front door]," Bill told the publication. But you know, a lot of things that you think are emergencies really aren't.

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While some may feel a bit caged in if their partner was all up in their personal space 24/7, constant togetherness has really worked for the Rancics. I just knew he was the type of guy who would never Google it," she said about being less than truthful during the early years of their relationship.

In fact, as soon as they went on their very first date, they were already making plans to spend all of their time together.

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