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29-Jul-2017 20:14

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:) DS Check out pinksofa online, I have been a member twice in the last few years before I met my now fiancee on there, its easygoing and not quite as intense as gaydar, so u can get to know people first and take it slow if u wish, I made some great friends along the way and its a great way to meet people :) I'd recommend it to anyone and the first month is usually free :) x JCH Pink Sofa!! Gaydar is a pick up site - if she is serious about wanting to meet decent women who are serious about dating, then the sofa is the way to go! They're not as full of weirdos as you might think.BPWH Tangowire is another good site, where I have met the love of my life, however be warned many of the women are from the US and it causes so many problems with them not recognising same sex unions, which I have found out to my dismay, however, too much in love to stop now so we live in hope.She will probably have to move here once she retires in 5 years time, until their laws change anyway.Another reason to continue the fight for equal rights for all!

I hope you find someone x KO Being a metal/goth/alt type, I'm not very comfortable in the gay mainstream and just end up complaining about the music at clubs, but in the last two years I've met and dated people at the goth & alternative group in Pride London.

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