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Our belief is to connect and empower gay and bisexual men in the UK and across the globe.We love meaningful debate, chats and well, discussing the finer things in life. Unlike others who are Bi I'm not into this just for sex or turn-ons. If sex with a man or a woman comes about as a result it will be due to good friendship. I certainly accept you and I think the ladies here are very supportive of all the diversity that the forum has to offer. Last night I said...that's it, no more, I am letting my body hair grow back and I am not painting my nails, no night gowns and bras and boobies tonight.. I just do not have time to invest in looking pretty, I am busy, but still......... I was gonna post that I want to quit dressing up but who am I kidding. But, as I said, being bi is not related at all to being a CD - I'm attracted to GG's and males when I'm drab and when I'm femme. /profile....00001834525065 Feel free to send me a Face Book friend request. I don't know if there are many bisexual crossdressers, but we are here and there. It is good to talk, a confusing thing this TG stuff is. I seem to be attracted to women a bit more than men - but I'm still struggling to fully understand it all...) It's good to see there are a few more here as well . But because I have fantasised about being a girl being with a guy. Now from time to time, things do get talked about where sex does come up, but believe me, where it does, every side of the sexual equation will be covered. For me, sexuality and clothing choices are two separate things. I told her as part of the same conversation when I told her about the "other side" of my closet :-). That is, I'm interested in dating men while en femme and women while en homme. There are many Cd'ers that are married and hetro, quite a few. I am more girl than guy, but still present as male. So many labels, so much to choose from, so much to aspire to. Welcome Paulette, as you can see you are not alone, I'm hetero, but don't hold that against me, and I won't hold your being Bi against This site is about Gender, not sex, so I don't see where your sexual preference has a lot to do with it. Like many of us, I had a bi fling in my youth and although I'm in a hetero LTR, I still consider myself bi in terms of inclination. I'd say that I am bigender and bisexual at the same time. Say what you like about sexuality, you will find some wisened folks here that will tell you exactly what they think too. Is that the way it works, or am I bi now just for thinking about it? In them I have always been a girl with a guy, it has never mattered what I was wearing. I think there are as quite a few bi and gay members...pretty much in the same proportion as the larger society.

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