Bloomberg spreadsheet not updating

13-Feb-2017 20:04

For ‘real’ scientific applications choose 8/30, or, better, repeat each condition (e.g.

Be sure to have enough distance from the screen, so pixel resolution does not limit acuity.

This keeps your subjects happy, especially since the last trial is thus always a ‘success’. Thus, if you duplicate (appropriately renaming it) or put a copy in a different location, each will have their ‘personal’ SETTINGS; to switch between different sets of SETTINGS, just quit/exit and start the other version. Additionally, the result can be transferred to the clipboard (in a simple, final-result-only or full-history fashion); so just switching to a spreadsheet program running in the background allows pasting the result.

Often one wants different sets of SETTINGS, e.g., for training vs. As of version 3.6, TCP/IP-based result transmission is also available, using a standard URL-request GET call.

For the Contrast Test, you also need to go to “SETTINGSLuminance Linearisation” to linearise luminance (“gamma correction”) before testing.

But see below for a cautionary note on the difficulties of contrast testing.

The digit key “5”, pressed twice, aborts an ongoing test run (and inhibits display of the premature result).