Bm dating friend

14-Aug-2017 17:36

Most mulattoes have a white mother and a black father.The majority of half black children have white mothers, it’s a statistical fact. Skin complexion is the cause of aging, not race dumbass. some people really need to read a book and get educated. People should embrace we mix people more instead of trying to box us or say we are just black. My dad is Scottish, English and native and my mom is like all African American like Oprah’s complexion.

Log in to Reply Do you have something against black men and white women being together? (Even though you’re wrong, and the majority of the world would agree that black women and white men are a rare couple).If we went back 400 years ago, the mulattos you’d all see would more than likely have African usually slave mothers. Log in to Reply in France, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Germany most of biracial people are the product of a black father (usually from a former colony) and a white mom.Many of the multi generation mulattos you’d meet in the new world maybe outside of Canada/America probably can trace their first black grandparent as having a African great (insert number) grandmother. This trend is nearly absent in South Europe (Italy, Spain, Greece) Log in to Reply Most half black biracials have white mothers, it goes for many Countries in Europe and especially the United States where a disproportionate amount of half blacks have white mothers. Log in to Reply Maurogomes3193~ That is such bullshit.My high school friend had a Japanese father and a white mother….

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Log in to Reply im never said a black men with white women but i see many black women with white men in countries like brazil,spain,italy,france,jamaica and many others.

White men seem to love Asian women though, and Asian women seem to love White men.

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