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Most likely, it will delegate this responsibility to another class, but ultimately, the Presenter will pass the information from that class to the view. Right now, there's no concept of a in this code, but there's obviously a business object that is very much a Part and your form displays a list of Parts.I'd start with defining a simple class defining the data structure itself, and add logic to it as necessary. Very often, users will input data into the individual cells in the control. To ensure that the error message goes away when the correct data is entered, service the Cell End Edit event, as follows: Private Sub Data Grid View1_Cell End Edit( _ By Val sender As Object, _ By Val e As System. Cell End Edit '---clear the error message--- Data Grid View1. If you want, you can lock the entire Data Grid View control: Validating Users' Edit A common use of the Data Grid View control is for data entry. If not, an error message is displayed on the leftmost column of the Data Grid View control (set via the Error Text property). The error must be corrected before the user can switch to the other cells. Data Grid View Cell Event Args) _ Handles Data Grid View1.

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The important thing right now is to separate the concerns. It's more or less the default design pattern for Win Forms.I would suggest that you start writing your tests first, for now at least.The benefit there is that you have to design your code to be testable to begin with.This means, that you can now relatively simply test your code. Moq makes it easy to mock out the view and test the presenter. Your Form (IParts View) needs to be with this pattern before trying to refactor to it with this monolithic code behind that you have there.

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