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The source code for the custom Data Grid View Masked Edit Column is found below.The example below shows how you could replace an existing automatically-generated "Units In Stock" column with a new custom column that supports the Masked Edit feature. Columns("Units In Stock")) ' remove the existing column Data Grid View1. Remove At(index) ' create a new custom column Dim dgv Masked Edit As New Data Grid View Masked Edit Column dgv Masked Edit.I've tried looking for an appropriate event to populate it, but am not sure which event to use. Yea, thanks, I was just starting to figure that out.I've tried using the Cell Formatting event, but that doesn't appear to be very efficient. NET has a Data Bound event I can use, but I can't seem to find one for Win Forms. It wasn't initially obvious to me as I tend to think that it was a new (blank) row. The combobox being populated is being populated from a web service.Public Class Data Grid View Masked Edit Column Inherits Data Grid View Column Private p Prompt Char As Char = "_"c Private p Validating Type As Type = Get Type(String) Private p Mask As String = "" Public Sub New() My Base. Prompt Char End Sub Public Overrides Read Only Property Edit Type() As Type Get ' Return the type of the editing control that Masked Edit Editing Control uses.

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You can bind a Data Table to the control so the user can easily add/delete/modify data in a database. Products) End Sub By default, the automatically generated columns may need some tweaking.At the conclusion of this wizard, you'll have a strongly-typed dataset, a Table Adapter, and Data Table added to your project. Products) End Sub ' ' Save the changes you've made via the Data Grid View back to the ' underlying database ' Private Sub bn Update_Click(By Val sender As System. Let's look at how you could perform some simple tweaks in a column that contains a Money field. Format = "$#.00" ' apply the style to the column Data Grid View1. Default Cell Style = style The major technique for detected errors in a Data Grid View is by the Row Validating event.Next, you'll need to add a Data Grid View to a form. ' create new style object Dim style As New Data Grid View Cell Style ' set the alignment to the right (for numbers) style. Middle Right ' add a wee bit of padding to the right side Dim p As New Windows. This allows you to use a "business rule" to validate the user input.I have a datagridview with a single combobox per row.

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I want to populate that combobox based on another value in the same row.

Let's say that you have a Microsoft Access database that you plan to use in your program. For example, all columns are aligned to the left and have have no formatting.