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If there’s any franchise that understands the value of organic, supportive relationships on television, it’s .

It’s as if Kris Jenner spent years studying what makes a reality show successful and made sure to stock hers with the vital ingredients.

With her best friend, Jessica could scold Nick behind his back or talk about life in Los Angeles from a place of authority. and on televisions before we were familiar with her type — returned to MTV in service of Lauren Conrad’s image.

Finally, she had someone to set her up to deliver punch lines and someone who didn’t know any better. It was a new side of Jessica — though, ultimately, Ca Cee was the real revelation. LC’s relationships with Audrina and Heidi were failing, and it seemed like she was constantly pouting, if not crying.

In addition to their utility, actual friendship is still one of the most compelling relationships that these shows can depict.

All the was a fun watch in its early seasons because it was about a bunch of neighbors who lived in the same gated community.

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It was June 2004, and big-box electronics stores were an unimpeachable part of American life.But Khloe is second to her sister because she’s not just an iteration of the reality TV second-banana archetype — she’s actually an iteration of Kim. Recently, on the show, he was accused of leaking information about Kourtney and Scott Disick to the press.While this would likely be a gross betrayal on a different reality TV show, in this case it’s actually Cheban meeting his true potential as a hanger-on.They were a Lucy and Ricky for the turn of the century, though that NYC apartment was replaced with a Hollywood Mc Mansion that could be mistaken for the model home on had been on the air for 10 months and the value of Simpson’s naïveté and Lachey’s attendant exasperation was depreciating. Jessica’s best friend turned assistant moved in from Texas. Who would have guessed her relative fame would outlast Nick and Jessica’s marriage, as well as Ashlee Simpson’s pop music career?

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They needed a disrupter, someone to change the dynamic. Cobb’s purpose on the show was to allow Jessica to show some range.He is fueling a story line, and, if the accusations are true, seeding rumors that keep the Kardashian name lucrative.He may be the ultimate servant in Kris Jenner’s universe.Even though there are plenty of fake love interests and artificial plotlines, best friends abound.

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