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Seeing nothing wrong with having a wife and a mistress, James began an affair with Margo Montgomery, Barbara's private nurse.

In addition, James decided to supplement his fortune by smuggling drugs and stolen jewelry through the fashion company he bought for Barbara.

At the same time she suspected that James was having another affair, this time with Dee Stewart, Barbara started having bizarre visions of a previous life.

The visions consisted of a woman who looked just like her, named Bianca, who resided in Paris with her husband Jason (who looked remarkably like James).

After a long absence, Barbara returned to town, having just graduated from art school, fleeing a failed romance with Dr. Unable to live without her, Steven followed her to Oakdale and got a job in the cardiology department at Memorial.

The couple rekindled their romance, but Steven had a secret past, one he could not share with the woman he loved.

The mysterious blonde Englishman challenged Jason to a dual (with Jason getting the upper hand, at first).

In the summer of 1982, Bianca (Barbara's doppelganger) learned this mysterious blonde Englishman's name, Geoffrey.

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She then began dating her former stepbrother Tom Hughes.(November 30, 1987 - May 1988] Diagnosed with oral cancer [January 2008] Accidentally shot and wounded James Stenbeck [January 21, 1983] Assaulted [slapped] Shannon O'Hara [December 20, 1985] Lied about sleeping with Tom Hughes [February 1986] Along with Lucinda Walsh, plotted to have Shannon O'Hara publicly humiliated by having Shannon arrested at Diana's restaurant [March 7, 1986] Blackmailed her signature model, Denise Darby, over Denise's past work as one of Tad Channing's porn film stars, for Denise's' silence about Barbara's affair with Tonio Reyes [March 1986 to December 1986] Lied to Margo that Tom was having an affair in Washington, D.C.[June 1987] Suspect in the murder of James Stenbeck [not guilty] [Late 1987 - May 1988; served time at Gennersville Prison for this crime she didn't commit] Lied that Gavin Krueger was Jennifer's biological father [January - May 1991] Lied about someone stalking her [1993] Threatened Nikki Munson [January 24 and January 25, 1996] Fraud; pretended to be Carly in a phone call to Memorial [May 6, 1998] Falsely accused Craig Montgomery of causing the explosion at the boathouse [2001] Accomplice in the kidnapping of Emily Stewart, Rose D'Angelo, and Carly Tenney [January to February2002] Drugged a police officer [April 2002] Hired Dusty Donovan to sleep with Rose D'Angelo [Spring 2003] Spray painted graffiti on Paul's apartment and asked her younger son, Will, to confess to it [November 2003] Hired a hit man to kill Rose D'Angelo [November 2003] Removed evidence from a crime scene [December 2003] Planted evidence in Molly Mc Kinnon's room, thus framing her for Rose D'Angelo's murder [December 26, 2003] Falsely confessed to Rose's murder [January 2004] Assaulted Emily Stewart Munson [January 15, 2004] Hid the fact that her son, Will, killed Rose and tried to flee with him to evade justice [January 16, 2004] Lied to Paul and Jennifer that she was having eyesight problems again and so they would take her to New York for "treatment", so as to keep Paul away from Rosanna Cabot and Jennifer away from Jordan Sinclair [July 28, 2004] Sent helicopters to keep James from being sent to a maximum security facility in California (she was coerced by an audio tape from James) [August 12, 2004] Escaped from her arraignment hearing by crashing through a window [August 31, 2004] Held Emily Stewart Munson and Chris Hughes hostage, stole Emily's car, then tied up and abandoned them in the old boathouse [August 31, 2004] Crashed Emily's car into the lobby window of a psychiatric hospital [September 1, 2004] Assaulted a nurse and stole her uniform in order to escape from a mental hospital [September 28, 2004] Colluded with Ric Decker, to distract hospital guard, Otis, and snagged his key and made impressions of the keys to copy them [October 12, 2004] In her ceramics class, made copies [using her jewelry] of the keys [October 13, 2004] Escaped from house arrest [November 19, 2004] Stole a drug from her doctor's office [November 23, 2004] Drugged and hypnotized Emily Stewart Munson, and used her to harass her daughter-in-law, Rosanna Cabot Ryan [December 2, 2004 to early 2005] Stole a diamond necklace from someone at the Lakeview and framed Gwen Norbeck for it [January 31, 2006] Lied that Gwen Norbeck had attacked her [February 7, 2006] Arranged an illegal adoption for Will and Gwen [November 13, 2007] Barbara Ryan was first introduced to the Hughes family when her mother, Jennifer, married Bob Hughes.A little later, near the start of September 1982, the Stenbecks were surprised when Gunnar showed up at the penthouse.

Electrified by his presence, Barbara mistakenly called him Geoffrey.Those looking at watching Mc Clain on TV again, find out the date Cady Mc Clain debuts on Y&R. Clair (deceased) Hal Munson (divorced; deceased) Hal Munson (divorced; deceased) John Dixon (divorced) Hal Munson (divorced; deceased) Craig Montgomery (divorced) James Stenbeck (divorced; deceased) Chuck Ryan (father; deceased) Jennifer Sullivan Ryan Hughes (mother; deceased) Rick Ryan (brother) Frannie Hughes (half-sister) Melinda Grey (half-sister; deceased) Kim Sullivan Hughes (aunt) Andy Dixon (cousin) Sabrina Hughes (cousin) Christopher Hughes (cousin) Hope Dixon (first cousin once removed) John Dustin Montgomery (grandson) Jennifer Ryan (granddaughter; deceased) Hallie Jennifer Munson (granddaughter) Eliza Ryan (granddaughter) Bob Hughes (uncle & stepfather) Tom Hughes (lovers) John Dixon (dated) James Stenbeck (lovers) Steven Farrell (lovers) Tom Hughes (engaged) Brian Mc Coll (engaged) Duncan Mc Kechnie (lovers) Gavin Kruger (lovers) Darryl Crawford (affair) Tonio Reyes (affair) Evan Walsh (lovers) John Dixon (lovers) Walker Daniels (dated) Henry Coleman (lovers) Suffered from bulimia at the age of 16 Was in a coma from September 1 to 12, 1978 following a car accident Suffered hysterical amnesia after she thought she'd killed James Stenbeck.Later, at Fashions, Gunnar saw Barbara holding a blue dress and suggested that she buy it.