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14-May-2017 23:37

There will also be screenings of 182 live action and animated shorts.

A stellar line-up of directors, cast and crew are expected to take part in career interviews, Screen Talks, Q&As and a new programme of Industry Talks: LFF Connects.

Instead, he writes out his decisions in full, the committee said.

Demonstrators protest Judge Gregory Lenehan's decision to acquit a Halifax taxi driver charged with sexual assault during a rally in Halifax on Tuesday, March 7, 2017.

The 59th BFI London Film Festival will run Wednesday 7 – Sunday 18 October 2015.

Taking place over 12 days, the Festival’s screenings are at venues across the capital, from the West End cinemas – Vue West End and the iconic Odeon Leicester Square; central London venues – BFI Southbank, BFI IMAX, Picturehouse Central, the ICA, Curzon Mayfair, Curzon Soho, Cineworld Haymarket and Ciné Lumière; and local cinemas – Ritzy Brixton, Hackney Picturehouse, Curzon Chelsea, Vue Islington and Rich Mix.

The province's judicial council received 121 written complaints, in addition to emails and phone calls, following Lenehan's oral decision.

The committee's decision said it would be "dangerous and wrong" to equate an error of law with judicial misconduct."The test for judicial misconduct has not been met," the decision stated."No outcome other than dismissal of the complaints is warranted to maintain the confidence of the reasonable, dispassionate and informed public, who are fully appraised of the fundamental legal principles at play in the criminal justice system." The independent committee, made up of Judge Frank P.The sentence of probation was not reflective of gender bias, the committee said, but abided by provisions of the Youth Criminal Justice Act as well as joint recommendations from the Crown and defence.

The committee noted in its decision that when asked what changes, if any, Lenehan has made since the complaints were filed, he replied that he no longer relies on notes when rendering oral decisions."The committee can understand why many members of the public found the reported aspects of the case to be of sufficient concern to file complaints, given the current context of sexual assault awareness," it said."Judges must therefore be diligent in staying current with changing laws and social value." Meanwhile, other complaints lodged against the judge pointed to decisions they claimed demonstrated Lenehan's "prejudice against women," including a case involving a man convicted of sexual assaulting his teenage step-daughter.Other sentencing decisions were also pointed to as being too lenient, such as two high-profile cases involving youths charged with distributing child pornography related to a photograph of a young woman engaged in explicit sexual activity, which was circulated without her knowledge or consent.