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24-Mar-2017 20:13

Launching into a discussion about the Khmer Rouge period (known as ’Pol Pot time’) would not be particularly prudent, although people do bring up the subject themselves once they get to know you.

Many people are quite open about their experiences as it has affected most people over the age of 30, but it would not be good to ask about it outright.

As for humour, the Cambodians are quick to laugh and enjoy joking around quite a lot.

On the other hand, sarcastic humour would not be understood.

At work, the highest respect would be for your boss/president or manager and you would greet anyone below them afterwards.

At temple or a ceremonial place, the monks and priests would receive the highest level of respect.

When you first meet and greet someone at family or work occasions with the level of respect as described above, you must stand about half meter/ up to 1 foot away from the person and salute by placing both hands together palm in front of the chest with the fingers pointing upward.

At a home or temple you need to take you shoes off as well. In a family setting, use or a person’s title, depending on the work environment.

This is likely the reason people always blame the atrocities on Pol Pot—it must be very difficult to think that your friends and neighbours may have been members of the organization that killed your family.

General speaking you can ask about family and work. It is important in the family environment to be more respectful to elders (grandparents) and to people who are older than you.

Instead of asking where someone is from (strange, since this question is for foreigners), you can ask where he or she are going or coming. The older the person, the more respect they are given.

When you get to know people, you will hear some very moving and shocking stories and at this time, it’s best to keep quiet and listen.

The other thing to be aware of is that the Khmer Rouge essentially disbanded and moved to the side.Remember if they like you, they like you all your life.If they do not, they won’t want to talk to you ever. Those who tend to lose their tempers are not remembered fondly.When greeting a monk, you need to salute them and then beg a spirit for help, or bow down to the floor and salute. Make sure you bow your head a little bit when you see a person higher rank, as you would for an elder, a monk or a king).

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