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Don’t be ashamed, we’ve all done it and we all have the chipped teeth to prove it.

Kids don’t take a name like Jawbreaker as a warning, they take it as a challenge.

The former are part of the dreaded “tastes like chalk” family, while the latter turns into a sticky, disgusting mess the second you start eating one.

Anything you touch the rest of the night becomes gooey and gross, and the cheap plastic scratches up your fingers to boot.

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Foil wrapped chocolate is disgusting, and it’s an especially disappointing candy because there’s no obvious reason .The manufacturer’s website states that the recipe for Tootsie Rolls calls for part of the previous day’s batch to be included.The same philosophy must apply when they’re sold at Halloween, because every Tootsie Roll ever eaten tastes at least a year old.This is a terrible waste, as just eating the bugs would be tastier than eating Good & Plenty.

The niche market of candy that encourages cross-dressing consists largely of candy necklaces and ring pops.

Maybe the coins sit on store shelves for too long and don’t age well, or maybe their low cost is maintained by replacing the regular ingredients for chocolate with murdered drifters. Fun Halloween Fact: In 2008 a batch of chocolate coins were recalled after it was discovered they had been tainted with melamine.

Halloween is one of the greatest days of the year. When you’re a kid, there’s nothing better than being encouraged to go out and stuff your face with as… continue reading »

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