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19-Apr-2017 05:44

If you want, you can calculate how many extra years you’re going to have work investing in a bond index fund at BMO vs one at Scotia Bank.

But even if you have a lot of your money where I have it, in Royal Bank’s Stock Index fund, you’re still losing 0.72% of your money to the MER.

There’s also “Canadian Bond Index – e” at 0.55% Great.

I’ve now got my retirement requirement down to 2k.

And if you wanted to stop there, I wouldn’t blame you.

You’re well ahead of the rest of the fools who are subscribing to any of the funds in that chart up there, and at least three wormhole jumps ahead of the idiots back in the Delta Quadrant who are taking payday loans to finance video game consoles.

Instead, it gets taxed when you take it out – after it has accrued compounded investment gains without being taxed on the way. It also grows untaxed and, furthermore, you pay no tax when you withdraw from it.

You’d be ‘stashing 15% of your income before it even touched your bank account (automatic! Chicanery But there is some chicanery here and you need to know about it. Not quite “The Dabo table at Quark’s Bar” rigged, but so damn close you’d swear there’s a Ferengi hiding around a corner somewhere. When I first set up an account and chose my funds, I paid no attention at all to the MER. Once I found out, however, you can imagine my rage. Each of those funds has, in its definition, the words “S&P/TSX Capped Composite Index ” or something to a similar effect.Even here in the market-crazy US, people get tricked into buying front-loaded funds, back-loaded funds, actively-managed funds with multiple-percentage-point fees, whole life insurance, and other dubious investments.This persists even with standing by to maintain the gold standard for low fees and no hype.I talked to someone who uses them and determined there’s nothing tricky about investing in any of these .

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