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There are a few types of contracts that you can cancel within a few days of making the contract, mainly transactions that take place at a location that is not the seller's permanent place (such as a trade show at a hotel), but most others you are stuck with for the duration.

There are some federal laws that allow parties to a contract to cancel or call off the contract within a few days of entering into them.

Trade Show and Door-to-Door Sales Contracts The Federal Trade Commission, in an attempt to protect consumers, has issued rules stating that you have until midnight of the third business day after entering into a contract to cancel certain contracts.

Additionally, if you contracted to purchase a rare comic book for 00 at a trade show, you may be able to cancel the contract within 3 days provided the trade show was not the seller's normal place of business.

This rule does not apply at public car auctions or at craft fairs, however, so if you contract to buy a wooden sculpture at a craft fair, you may not be able to cancel the contract.

If you choose not to cancel the order, the seller again must ship by the stated time.

If the seller again fails to make the shipment, he must again notify you and request that you agree to a third date.This rule requires that a seller ship to you in the promised amount of time.The rule goes on further to state that if the seller does not give an estimated shipping time, it must ship within 30-days.Such locations may be the consumer's residence and places rented on a temporary or short-term basis, such as hotel rooms or convention centers.