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A fuel system fitted with the standard fuel pump can suffer from the phenomenon known as ‘vapour lock’, though Volkswagens are less prone to this than other cars.What happens is that the fuel in the inlet line to the fuel pump boils, due to the heat it has picked up from the hot engine pieces surrounding it, and the pump will not seal well enough around hydrocarbon gases to pull liquid fuel through, hence no fuel delivered to the carburettor.This operation is considerably easier on Beetles than nearly any other car. )There are two reasons why mechanical fuel pumps are prone to vapour formation.

Don't fool with any factory-designed thing like this unless you have as much theoretical knowledge or practical experience as the designers, or are prepared to learn from your mistakes. Not to the aid of the owners; they deserved to be shot, but to the aid of the Volkswagens, because I have more respect for them than people who work on cars without knowing what they're doing (do you stop when you see a VW on the side of the road?Another advantage is that starting the engine under any conditions is easier, as the carburettor float bowl (s) are always topped up before you turn the motor over.Do you know how long you've got to turn the motor over if your tank runs dry?Secondly, much of the fuel line is under a slight vacuum, as the pump has to suck its supply of fuel from the opposite end of the car, often through the added restriction of a filter, which lowers the pressure in the fuel line even more. So if you move the fuel pump to the front of the car, underneath the fuel tank (there's no point in moving the mechanical pump, because there's nothing up there to drive it, so it must necessarily be an electric one), all the fuel lines near the hot engine run at elevated pressure, and the temperature at which the fuel will boil is a lot higher. I stated if the fuel pump has to suck through a filter, the pressure on the suction line will be lower.

Didn't they teach you in school that a liquid boils at a lower temperature when its pressure is lower? There is no reason why the filter has to be on the suction side of the fuel pump.One further trivial advantage of an electric pump is that you have ever-so-slightly more room on top of your engine and it's easier to remove and install the engine (two advantages).Don't be tempted to vent crankcase fumes up to a breather through your piece of hacksawed plate that you're using as a block-off for the fuel pump hole.The Wolfsburg engineers, in all their wisdom, have solved the problem on their newfangled water-pumpers by fitting a small bleed back to the tank off a T-piece near the carburettor inlet.

He believed that he had a limited amount of time left to. armed with a Stark nuclear bomb which detonates. 14. In this reality, Iron Man is the.… continue reading »

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Spider-Man's first encounter with a 'super'. Spider-Man became a force for good, from stopping muggings to rescuing workers at a construction site.… continue reading »

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