Carbon 14 dating flawed

21-Jun-2017 09:00

The vast majority of young earth creationists are oblivious to all of this - and those handful of young earth creationists who even have a clue about any of it prove over and over again in their writing that they don't know how to deal with the details competently.Indeed, this is why no young earth creationist has ever published any scientific research article on the topic in any professional science journal of physics or geophysics or archaeology or paleontology anywhere on the planet.First of all, when you employ C14 dating methods you will always get some measurement no matter what you are employing the procedure on.

This is what is called "instrument background" - a tiny value that must be subtracted (if significant to the overall measurement) from the measurement value in order to derive a "date estimate" of the specimen.

(In regard to the so-called C14 dating of diamonds that young earth creationists love to use, it is this instrument background that we're actually talking about, and indeed the young earth creationists who employ this argument are demonstrating that they have never even read the scientific research articles about running diamonds through the AMS instruments and C14 dating process, because the articles themselves clearly and explicitly explain and describe exactly what the scientists were measuring and why they were doing it, which is why they were using diamonds in the first place.

First, it was noticed that, when radiocarbon dated, wood grown in the 20th. whole Egyptian chronology is interlocking and subject to possible systematic errors.… continue reading »

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