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16-Feb-2017 19:17

According to the author, the backdoor component can run on Windows, Mac OS, Linux and Android platforms providing rich capabilities for remote control, data gathering, data exfiltration and lateral movement.

Ghost Push is a family of malware that infects the Android OS by automatically gaining root access, downloading malicious software, masquerading as a system app, and then losing root access, which then makes it virtually impossible to remove the infection even by factory reset unless the firmware is reflashed.

Upon attempt to remove it will encrypt the devices' external storage requiring Bitcoins to decrypt files.

A Chinese advertising company has developed this malware.

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The trojan waits in hiding until the user opens a banking or social media app.If the attack succeeds, Switcher alters the DNS settings of the router, making it possible to reroute DNS queries to a network controlled by the malicious actors.Vibleaker was an app available on the Google Play Store named Beaver Gang Counter that contained malicious code that after specific orders from its maker would scan the user’s phone for the Viber app, and then steal photos and videos recorded or sent through the app.Adwind is a backdoor written purely in Java that targets system supporting the Java runtime environment.

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Commands that can be used, among other things, to display messages on the system, open URLs, update the malware, download/execute files, and download/load plugins.The team used this app to find more applications in the Tizi family, the oldest of which is from October 2015.The Tizi app developer also created a website and used social media to encourage more app installs from Google Play and third-party websites.Cepsohord is a Trojan horse for Android devices that uses compromised devices to commit click fraud, modify DNS settings, randomly delete essential files, and download additional malware such as ransomware.

Sigmundsson adds that when he told his colleagues in Norway about Magnússon's work in Iceland they didn't believe him. Babies didn't stand unsupported at three or four months old… continue reading »

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