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26-Apr-2017 13:13

For more than ten years now a paper by Roger Wiens entitled ‘Radiometric Dating: A Christian Perspective’ has been saying that radio-isotopic dating is absolutely reliable and the earth is definitely millions of years old.

Wiens, a physicist employed by the Space & Atmospheric Sciences Group at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, presents his paper as a long and detailed tutorial on the theory behind radioactive dating.

They interpreted these discoveries as vindicating both uniformitarianism and evolution, which led to the domination of these beliefs in academic circles around the world throughout the twentieth century.

However, modern technology has produced a major fly in that uniformitarian ointment.

He illustrates how the idea of millions of years is not based on scientific measurements but on subjective philosophical interpretations.

You can find Tas Walker’s response to Wiens’s paper ‘Radiometric Dating: A Christian Perspective’ here.

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He explains how scientists work out the age of things, and reveals some inside limitations on the theories behind the enterprise, as well as the way it works in practice.

The facts he presents are simple and obvious, but not generally known.