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They pay attention to when you spend the night at your boyfriend’s house, when he spends the night, or if he is sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night after they heard strange noises coming from your bedroom.

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Practicing celibacy as a single mother is not hard at all, especially if you know that you are doing it for you.If you are dating a man that does not understand this, then you may want to reconsider dating him. Tell him to go to his bank account clean out all of his money and give it to you.I can almost bet that his reaction is going to be no, because the money is not yours, you are not his wife, or he is no obligation to share all his money with you. Your body is more precious than the money in his bank account and just like he is not willing to empty out his account for you because you are not his wife, then you do not have to have sex with him because he is not your husband.There is nothing wrong with wanting to do things right this time and there is nothing wrong with wanting to make sure that you do not repeat past mistakes of having sex too soon or allowing sex to define how you feel about the man you are dating.

When you remove sex from the equation you get to see who the man is, any red flags, and if he has the potential for marriage.If a man is trying to give you a hard time about practicing celibacy as a single mom then you need to say these words to him.“It is my body.” I don’t care if you have a child, three children, or even 10 children.Because if he stays around, know that you are not going to have sex with him until marriage, and still wants to meet your kids; that is a strong indicator he is a keeper.

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