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This is the last time anyone would see Morse alive, and she too was reported missing.On , 1985, the remains of Ellen Fried were found in a wooded area near the banks of the Sugar River in Kelleyville, New Hampshire.Aileen Nicholaou's uncle, Rene Toranzo, 72, had gone to Georgia to bring her to the sister's Tampa home.

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Nicholaou denied ever knowing Michelle Nicholaou, but then told the agency he heard she was doing drugs with a drug dealer, the television station reported. This is the first time anything like that has ever happened around here. I can't believe this happened, especially on New Year's." The "Connecticut River Valley Killer" refers to an unidentified serial killer believed responsible for a series of similar knife murders mostly in and around Claremont, New Hampshire, and the Connecticut River Valley, primarily in the 1980s.

We have many plans and enthusiasm to keep expanding and making Murderpedia a better site, but we really need your help for this. TAMPA - After Aileen Nicholaou's husband broke her shoulder in a fight four weeks ago, she fled their home in Georgia for her sister's house in West Tampa. Shortly after he caught up with his wife Saturday, she was shot dead, he was dead by his own hand and Aileen Nicholaou's daughter was critically wounded, police said.