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05-Jun-2017 18:39

(Yes, really.) That felt more like the chat platforms of the early 90s, like Internet Relay Chat or AOL chat rooms.

In those early days of the internet, chatrooms served a specific purpose: They turned surfing the web into a social act.

We're going to be building a real-time Java Script chat room similar to's chat using Java Script and Scaledrone realtime messaging service.

The app is going to be using Websockets on modern browsers and fallback technologies on older ones.

It took coordination for communities to make their mark on the 1000 x 1000 canvas, but Reddit didn't have any way to support those fast-paced conversations.

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Some communities already had well-established chats on third-party apps, like Slack and Discord and even Internet Relay Chat.

Lee, a product manager who hadn't used Reddit much before joining its staff, watched in awe.

The mosaic morphed from a scattering of weird blobs (and, OK, a distinctly phallic shape) to a patchwork of everything Redditors loved: a pixelated rendition of the Mona Lisa, the logo for , the Swedish flag, and hundreds of other symbols, smashed into one great digital quilt.

Chatrooms will be organized by subreddit; only moderators will be able to create them.

In beta testing, some have organized around super specific topics (like a room in r/Baby Bumps for expectant mothers in their first trimester) while others let the conversation meander (like r/mildlyinteresting’s General Chat: “Ya know it’s general.”)Open the chat icon and you'll see all the rooms you've joined above a list of recommended rooms.We won't be using any fancy frameworks but rather use the regular DOM API.into Jason Lee’s new job at Reddit, the office was buzzing with excitement.In chatrooms, people forged web communities with their own slang and netiquette.