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23-Aug-2017 17:02

Both my buddy and I teased the girls about taking off our suits his wife also said it was ok with her so she took off bikini top and displayed her beautiful tits to the four of us but my wife was still to nervous to join in.With the beer flowing freely she finally agreed to let her tits spill out of her suit.Before we could get ready to go a black dick came through the other side.

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She says she loves the way he fills her cunt so full and she does not mind doing his laundry.We went back to the bar for her to drink something to chase the cum that she had swallowed. This freeloader brings his laundry by our house now and my wife does it for him.We made several more trips after the first time and a couple of times I sneaked a camcorder in to record it all. I'm not sure he's as big as he claims but he has a huge dick and my wife loves it. It was something seeing that big thing disappear inside her and watching the expression on her face was great. When he comes by to pick it up she lights up and he takes her to our bedroom and fucks her.With a little look over at me and my approval she said sure, as he slid over next to her I could tell she was nervous about having another man touch her naked body.

Soon he was behind her and rubbing her back and as his hands disappeared under the water I could see her eyes peering towards me with a look on her face of excitement and "What the hell am I doing" after twenty minutes or so of positioning our host sat up on the edge of the hottub and showed all her glory my wife did the same to my buddies eyes about pop out of his head and complimented her on her figure and wondered why it took so long for her to finally let him see her.Now with all of us a little more relaxed our friend removed her bikini bottems and told my wife how nice it was to get that suit off and enjoy the jets blowing on her. after a few more beers and and the reason we came over to loosen up our muscles my buddy being the good host offered to rub her back to help her relax more than she already was.(The picture is her giving head to the 6 inch guy we first met with).

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