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18-Jun-2017 15:48

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The messaging app Kik, which allows people to chat using text and photos and to share links to webcam chats, has also become a playground for porn.

And while Twitter and Facebook don’t allow people to send money, both are popular with porn actors who want to engage with fans.

But what’s changing now is the rapid shift to mobile.

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But by nightfall, the “haggard, sleep-robbed faces of scores of men,” as the Eighty years ago today, Marjorie vanished while at a Mother’s Day picnic in the forest with her family.

After the much-publicized Adam Walsh abduction, parents became more fearful about where their children went and who they were with, and government agencies instituted safety programs including taking fingerprints of kids to keep on file.

More recently, the hit Netflix series “Stranger Things,” about a fictional 12-year-old named Will Byers who’s snatched into another dimension, prompted renewed discussion about the idyllic times when children roamed free and parents rarely worried.

That app is Snapchat, and its unintended foray into pornography began in November, when the service unveiled a feature called Snapcash, which allows people to send money using Square, a payments platform. The feature, of course, is not limited to dinner checks. The prices can reach double digits for personalized sex shows.

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One brunette on Snapchat this week, most likely in her 20s, wore nothing more than skimpy underwear and offered to send pictures personalized for a person’s proclivities for . You may ask why anyone would pay for online pornography when it’s available free everywhere.There’s no trace of it to be found by a snooping significant other or an overprotective parent.To be clear, the pay-for-porn quadrant of Snapchat is currently a small fraction of the app’s estimated 200 million users. The main obstacle is finding these Snapchat strippers.This way the unclothed can vet the clothed before sending them pictures or receiving money in their Snapchat tip jars.