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ILLUSTRATIONS xiii THE ANNUNCIATION Fra Angelica To face page 257 Church of S. Maico, Florence Fra Angelica , 273 " NOL-I ME TANGERE " Church of S. Here it is at once clear that the two men were of a different artistic fibre. But in October 1860 the sides had been removed, the centre was regilt and restored, and the whole so remodernised as to deprive it of all value. 22) ; and a polyptych of the Virgin and Child, with saints, prophets, and angels, a much damaged work (No.

, 404 ILLUSTRATIONS MADONNA AND CHILD Muaeo dell* Opera, Siena.

Domenico Vcncziano 314 MADONNA AND Cnrw National Gallery, . Andrea del Castagno 315 XTfltei Gallery, Florence*.