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Duccio exhibited in this work alone the energy and power of a man superior to all in his immediate proximity ; but, whether we consider the spirit of his composition, or his technical execution, he was not a creator, because he remained true to old typical forms and to the technical methods which characterised alike Cimabue and Deodato Orlandi.

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Donato of Siena, inscribed with the words, " DUGOUTS BONINSEGNE DE SENIS." But this picture has disappeared. Lost cards and change of residence must be re ported promptly. Keep Your Card in This Pocket KKKOW1TI INVCLO CO,, K. KANSAS CITY, MO PUBLIC LIBRARY DDD1 MSOT^SD b A NEW HISTORY OF PAINTING IN ITALY Duccio. Novella at Florence His aliarpieces, and miscellaneous works .......... MADONNA AND CHILD Central Pai U'l of the M,ij Li|pi Attcutpt to clear up some doubtful iiicideni B in his life- His poverty arid (lebt antj alleged prolligacy His numerous works -Kra Diamante . 3HKI147 CHAPTER XVI Innovations in the art of painting Attempts of the rcallfttn to iutrudwo S. 441-471 CHAPTER XXni Itaiioz KO Gozjsoli follows the style of Angclico, and then forsakes it for that of the Florentine realists His labours at Montefalco, Florence, S. 1 The historians of Siena note a Virgin and Child by him in S.

cttfto Bithfownrtfi , Antonio P , Antonio P Vcrrocrkio XIV ANNUNCIATION . Lorenzo, Florence, MADONNA AND CHILD Uffizi Gallery, Florence MADONNA AND CHILD Pitti Gallery, Florence. Duccio's career closes in 1320, after which no record of his existence has been found. They add that Duccio had two sons, Galgano and Ambrogio, but this is manifestly an error, as G. At once the Giotto and Cimabue of his country, he was the most dramatic artist that Siena had produced, being rivalled in force only by the Lorenzetti, in grace only by Simone. 168, say the latest date is 1339, but do not prove it. To him we owe the statement that nothing is known of Duccio after 1320, vol. More masterly in his w r ork than the former, he gave to Siena a title to claim and hold the position of a school of colour. [DAVIDSON has proved beyond doubt that Duccio died on August 3, 1319. The Entrance into Jerusalem, a double panel at the left lower angle of the altarpiece, , opens the story of the Passion, and is a faithful imitation of a time- honoured subject, a tasteful miniature in colour and execution. DUCCIO, UGOLINO AND SEGNA 15 small altarpiece of the Crucifixion, with the Flagellation and Entomb ment on the wings, in the Brotherhood of the Madonna below the Spedale of Siena, remained long a worthy example of his talent. 1 One of Duccio's finest works, a Crucifixion, Virgin and Child and attendant episodes, second only in importance to the altarpiece of the Duomo of Siena, is in the collection of the late H.