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Take advantage of the warm Brizzy weather at Downtown Burleigh, where you can head up to the strip for a bite or a couple of drinks after a day in the sun.Alternatively head down to Kings Beach on a Sunday morning and visit the local street fair on your way out if you want to spend some more time getting to know your date.

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Club & Bar date – Brisbane has a few distinct clubbing cultures to choose from for your next date.Put a pan on medium heat with the oil and garlic, sauté the garlic a little then add the parsley.Let it cook briefly, then add the cuttlefish, a pinch of salt and pepper.Whether you'd like to indulge in a special Mega Milkshake, check out the West End Cafes or live life on the healthy side at Pineapple Express' Superfood Box, Brisbane has the perfect place for you to really get to know your match.