Chatname broken heart

03-Mar-2017 08:46

Joker: ( ͡☉ ͜ʖ ͡☉)Skull: woke af Joker: ( ͡ʘ╭͜ʖ╮͡ʘ)Skull: i take it back.

Skull: dammit Joker: ( ͡°° ͜ʖ ͡°°)Skull: adding more eyes just makes it look like a fucking spider Joker: ( ͡°❥ ͡°)Skull: once again, it looks like peep and the big wide world Joker: ( ͡°ω ͡°)Skull: kill it. Joker: ( ͡°⊱ ͡°)Skull: that isnt any better wtf Skull: where are you finding this shit?! Skull: we would have invited you except u were at work Skull: sorry bud.

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Skull: but madarame’s palace can suck my fucking dick jfc i am so over this Skull: even that piece of shit kamoshida’s palace wasnt this fucking bad. res) else else if(((jab_res_info)resources-data; break; @@ -1046,9 1046,14 @@ { struct jabber_buddy_data *jbd = jabber_find_buddy(gc, buddy); - if(jbd && res) { - char *who = g_strdup_printf("%s/%s", buddy, res); - jab_res_info jri = jabber_find_resource(gc, who); if(jbd) { char *who; jab_res_info jri; if(res) who = g_strdup_printf("%s/%s", buddy, res); else who = g_strdup(buddy); jri = jabber_find_resource(gc, who); g_free(who); if(! g_strncasecmp(content, "Content-Type: text/x-msmsgscontrol\r\n", strlen( "Content-Type: text/x-msmsgscontrol\r\n"))) { - if (strstr(content,"Typing User: ")) { if (strstr(content,"Typing User: ") && ! g_strncasecmp(buf, "BLP", 3)) { @@ -1011,7 996,7 @@ if ((b = find_buddy(gc, user)) ! g_strcasecmp(state, "BSY")) @@ -1165,7 1150,7 @@ if ((b = find_buddy(gc, user)) ! Joker: Kaneshiro’s palace is a pain in the ass I am going to yeet myself off of a fucking cliff. Or in which I got bored and decided to try my hand at a group chat fic.

You remember that guy’s heart we changed, Nakanohara?

He had actually forgotten that Morgana was reading over his shoulder. That whole experience may have ended badly for us, but he is incredibly hot.” “That’s not what I’m talking about.

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