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Kendall Jenner wears a Chloé dress, ,995; Chloé boutiques. Adidas Originals sneakers, ; “Her social-media reach is just incredible,” says Francisco Costa of Calvin Klein. “She’s not being a dilettante, saying, ‘Hey, now I’m doing .’ ” You might imagine that a reality-TV star might attempt a segue to actress. Before I share her posting secrets with you, I want to point out that she is on the record as thinking that all of this focus on her social-media capabilities is a little bit insane. The line is us together, but we basically both have separate incs.”“Do you have a manager? ”“One of the things I always really stress is to start a foundation,” said Burch. I mean, I have a number of different issues I’m interested in, and I love animals.”After some more chatting and, sure, a few pictures, we went down to Burch’s showroom to inspect Tory Sport, Burch’s new athleticwear line, and Jenner spotted a familiar bikini. ” Burch had a few more points to offer: “Personally, I don’t really like the concept or even the word —you know, I was just giving a talk at Stanford, and the students were saying, ‘I want to be an entrepreneur,’ and I was just saying, ‘Well, that’s fine, but what are you passionate about? And I just posted it, and I remember looking at it right away and having a lot of likes and saying, ‘.’ ” Organic! “It’s hard when you are at the beginning,” he said. You think every opportunity is important.” He told her that she ought to like what she was doing 24-7. “For me, I waited three years to start one,” he said.

“I mean, it’s so crazy to me,” she said during our day together, “ ’cause it’s so not real life—to stress out about a social-media thing.”But OK, here’s the first secret: “So,” she said—at this point we were in a car driving through Chelsea, and she was wearing a completely awesome off-white Gucci suit, embroidered with a snake—“it has to be organic.” cover,” she said as Jenner arrived.“Oh, thank you! “I meet with entrepreneurs all the time, and this is something I always stress.”Jenner nodded. ’ ”“If you’re talking about the love thing,” Jenner said, “I could have done a lot of things, but I chose to be this baby businesswoman.”Remember: In the world we live in today, being a celebrity is itself a business—with places to be, posts to make, people to meet. Its colors and cut, reminiscent of the 1970s that inspired Burch as a kid, happened to work really well for Jenner.“I like it! I’ll tell you what she means by —but first I should say what’s organic about her. In fact, before she posted the picture, she debated its merits. She offered the second of her no-fail posting strategies as we headed up the West Side Highway. “Yes,” she said (mostly to push out her Instagram posts). “Yes, but for the company.” Meaning she doesn’t post photos from her life there, just the things related to, say, her clothing line. At this moment, or very near it, she suddenly began to scream. He builds basketball courts and tries to help kids in disinvested neighborhoods with athletic facilities, encouraging every one to think of himself or herself as a star, even if the kid doesn’t have a couple of million followers. Then we headed down to where Kanye West was preparing his Yeezy Season 3 show.

Model availability may vary from location to location.

“I’ve been raised to be a businesswoman,” said Jenner, who has an Estée Lauder contract, modeling gigs galore, and a new fashion line with her sister Kylie. I should clarify that I followed her in the real world, not on Instagram, where most of the world follows her.

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(Taylor Swift is number one.) When I asked her to define an organic post, she said, “It means you can’t totally plan it out.”She offered as an example what is to date her most-liked post. Either that, or maybe Carmelo can put in a good word with the Knicks for me, LOL.”Two days later, I ran into her backstage at the Marc Jacobs show.

“It was the number-one most successful lipstick on our Web site,” said Jane Hertzmark Hudis, group president of the Estée Lauder Companies. “She chose the name, and it sold out.”Colorful piping and playful tassels add a cheerful spin to the gauzy lightness of tulle. At the moment, that means focusing almost exclusively on her modeling, or as exclusively as you can when you are the celestial media body that is Kendall Jenner. ”“You talk to people and they say the reason they went to college was to get a job, but I already have a job, so. “Over the past year, I feel like I’ve seen a lot,” Jenner said.“I think cultural curiosity is really important,” Burch said at some point. .’ My dad is just my dad.”Jenner was eager to take advantage of Burch’s time. ” She was pointing to her oversize name and was still shouting—now with the window down, while attempting to take a photo of the bus, though traffic was heavy and it was three cars back. It was not clear that the driver understood that Kendall Jenner was the person in the Gucci suit frantically waving at him from the black SUV. ”Miraculously, the driver’s face eventually shifted from consternation to cheerful willingness, and, with the help of driver, Jenner got a photo. ” She remembered the fans in São Paulo, Brazil, in particular. She had to take a cab across the border from Germany. She showed me an image that she posted of her friends’ phones all piled up and, yes, she saw the irony. The next stop was Terminal 23, a beautiful private basketball court down the block from Madison Square Garden that is a second home to Carmelo Anthony. “Usually people are down here on me.” He was prepping for the All-Star game. “I’m just wondering—I mean, I feel like I have a hard schedule, working all the time, and I just don’t have time for anything, but then I see how hard the schedule of an athlete is.”“You’ve got to find time to take off,” Melo said. “We’re really good friends, actually,” she said of Bieber.

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