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Dimitri Marick planned to undergo an experimental procedure which required the use of stem cells.

Liza agreed to allow Colby's stem cells to be harvested but Adam objected vociferously--he knew that testing would show that he was Colby's biological daughter.

He and another new doctor, Allie Doyle, both wanted the same room at Myrtle Fargate's boarding house and fought quite a bit from that point on.

But at a relay run fundraiser for the children's ward, Jake and Allie realized they desired to be with one another. David Hayward came to Pine Valley to give a lecture on cardiac care but was also in town to find his old girlfriend, Allie.

Jake stood by her side and helped nurse her back to health.

Jake was suspended from his duties at the hospital.

With the help of Liza and Stuart, Jake and Allie devised a plan to get David to admit that he'd been the one to give Adam the wrong medication.

Liza told David that she wanted Adam dead so that she could be with Jake which would leave Allie free for David to pursue.

When Liza decided that she wanted to have a child via artificial insemination, Jake offered his services.

Liza agreed to Jake's offer, but Jake verbally agreed that he would not take any role in the child's life.Devastated, Jake left Pine Valley to volunteer in war-torn Chechnya.Gillian and Ryan found their way back to each other, and she planned to ask Jake for a divorce.What Jake didn't know was that Adam had swapped his sperm sample with Jake's at the fertility clinic, so Liza's baby Colby was actually Adam's.