Christian dating a non christian blog

13-May-2017 02:58

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Rather, I shall offer a brief biblical theology of dating unbelievers.

” These words were written by Ben Weisman to be sung by Elvis Presley, but I’ve often heard a variation of them by unmarried Christians beginning to get romantically involved with a non-Christian.

But the temptation to get romantically involved with a non-Christian tends to be framed differently.

People tend not to hide it, but instead attempt to justify it—first to themselves and then to other Christians who are trying to warn them of the path they’re taking. In this article, I shall not be trying to give a method for counseling people who are facing such a temptation.

For example, how do you decide what you should do at any point in your life? He created man and woman in relationship to do that.

christian dating a non christian blog-74

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Single men and women can do that also, particularly in relationship to the church under the love of Christ, the fulfillment of marriage.To explore some of those things better, consider this article.Above all, such counsel will involve a careful examination of motivation and a re-examination of the trustworthiness and goodness of God who doesn’t call us to compromise in our devotion to him, but to trust him.But he’d spent hours and hours with her one-on-one after midnight over several weeks.

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