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NBC purchased the rights to 11 Milwaukee Braves games, 11 Pittsburgh Pirates games, two Washington Senators games, and two Chicago Cubs games.

Leo Durocher was succeeded as color commentator by Fred Haney in 1960, and Joe Garagiola in 1961, while Bob Wolff NBC aired a special regional feed of its games in the southeast, where the network had a different sponsor (such as National Bohemian beer) than for the rest of the country.

"And then", Harwell recalled, "the pictures took over." The 1951 playoff between Brooklyn and the New York Giants and that year's World Series were the first major league baseball games telecast live from coast-to-coast; transcontinental network transmission lines had been completed and activated in September, in-time for the Japanese Peace Treaty Conference in San Francisco and the start of the 1951–52 television season.

On January 31, 1953, the New York Yankees, Cleveland Indians and Boston Red Sox joined forces against St. The respective franchises tried to force the Browns to play afternoon games in an attempt to avoid having to share television revenues.

A month later, Major League Baseball owners received a warning from Senator Edwin Johnson about nationally televising their games.

Johnson's theory was that nationally televising baseball games would be a threat to the survival of minor league baseball.

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One camera was on Barber and the other was behind the plate.

The owners pretty much ignored Johnson since the games on NBC in particular, were gaining a large and loyal following.