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As the choir sings in “Bread and Roses,” “The rising of the women means the rising of us all.” , by Anna Solomon.

This historical novel takes place in New England in the 1910s and 1920s and follows a cast of characters whose lives are transformed by a teenage girl’s decision to leave her newborn baby in a pear orchard.

In this recipe, I’ve mixed espresso into a dairy Ricotta Fritter recipe to blend the caffeine sometimes needed for the all-night studying with the traditional Shavuot practice of eating a lot of dairy., which premiered in theaters last November, explores the unusual and tumultuous life of Hedy Lamarr—a Jewish and Austrian-born Hollywood actress considered to be the most beautiful woman in the world.” This is the question that Rachel Kadish, author of the 2017 National Jewish Book Award-winning historical novel of As an aspiring oral historian, I’ve always gotten chills when listening to recorded interviews.I love the interviewer’s inviting questions, the way the interviewee may leap into a narrative, the chance for the listener to peer into the interviewee’s past, and the powerful, sometimes nostalgic, recollection of a story.At this juncture, I am exactly where I want to be professionally: serving as a solo rabbi in a small congregation close to a northeastern city.

Get the latest Newcastle news and North East news from the Evening Chronicle. Local website with breaking news, NUFC news, SAFC news, video, sport and weather from Newcastle and the North East region.… continue reading »

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Dating Old Photographs. We have also published a number of articles on the subject in Family Chronicle, the most recent being July/August 2006. And last, but not least, finding the date of a photograph is not usually an end in itself, it is used to try to identify the subject. If a photograph is in a collection you inherited, there is a reason for it being… continue reading »

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