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Because of this inability to process food in typical crocodylian-fashion, previous researchers have suggested that Mourasuchus may have been a “filter feeder” (Langston, 1965; Riff et al., 2010; Bona, Degrange & Fernández, 2013), although a detailed method of how this “filtering” was performed has not yet been described.

This paper describes a new species, Mourasuchus pattersoni sp.

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These anatomical features, in particular those of the cranium and mandible, indicate that Mourasuchus was not able to capture, hold and dismember large prey, like most extant crocodylians (Langston, 1965; Langston, 2008).

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The postcranial remains of MCNC-PAL-110-72V were described by Langston (2008), but the skull and mandibles were not available to him at the time.

As a result, he stated the specimen “probably” belonged to Mourasuchus arendsi.

In this paper, we describe a new species of the genus, Mourasuchus pattersoni sp. In this study, we also discuss the crocodylian diversity of the Urumaco Formation as well as how paleoenvironment may have contributed toward its evolution.