Client personal trainer dating

25-Apr-2017 13:23

It’s odd, as they’re always so shy in real life." It’s not just male trainers who attract attention.

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"I’m engaged, but I know plenty of guys who take advantage of the perks. If your goals are to make progress in your physique, or weight, or muscle size etc, then taking measurements can be useful to make targets and track your progress.As the hour draws to an end, and Rich* doles out high fives, a petite blonde in forest-green leggings and a matching cropped top holds his gaze that second longer. Fast forward about 20 minutes and we were at it in her car."It never used to be like this. But with a different woman, plucked from a different class, is how Rich spends his Tuesdays. "Clients hit on me all the time," Ashley*, 27, a personal trainer for a well-known nationwide gym chain, tells me.She tells me she also receives ‘hundreds’ of explicit photos or propositions per day: "One guy offered me £100 if I sent him my smelly socks after a workout. "In the first gym I worked at, I was asked out four times in the first month," she recalls.