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These portions are actually both cleverly shot and very engaging, mostly due to the sheer personality on display from the interviewees.There's a helpful glossary of terms running along the bottom of the screen, and overall the film will satisfy anyone's curiosity on the topic.And gay teens are statistically the highest at risk of suicide--so alienating them isn't exactly helpful! And while the film is a bit close to its subject--rather too touchy-feely--there's an important message here that needs to be shouted loud and strong. Mar.02 llgff This made-for-TV documentary is making the festival rounds, and it certainly offers an informative, entertaining look at the gay subculture ... Sometimes it seems to go to far with the medical diagrams and extremely frank discussion of exactly what happens during gay sexual encounters.Much better are the segments in which men take the camera crew on a tour of their lives--into their bedside table drawers, onto London streets, to the parks, into the very, erm, active public loos.Only the Faye segments fail to address this theme, making them feel wedged in here only because Weber loved her music (and rightly so!) and because he had such terrific footage of and about her. Mar.02 llgff dir Marjorie Chodorov with Robert Lopez, Lena Marie, Pinky Villandry, Jose David Saldivar, Pierre Smith, Crissy Guerrero, Michelle Habell-Pallan, Ruby Blackstock, Michel Chanelle, Jimmy Evans, Armando Paul Bustomante, Kristian Hoffman London L&G Film Fest Apr.02 01/US 57m This fairly entertaining documentary about the Latino Elvis impersonator El Vez is notable in the way it explores the entire idea of instant celebrity.Time after time, he warns without any evidence that terrorist attacks — from 9/11 to the Boston Marathon bombings to the 2013 Washington Navy Yard mass murder — are actually “...A former member of the National Alliance , once the nation's premier neo-Nazi organization, Linder angrily split with his fellow comrades after that group failed to provide funding for the defense of an arrested state leader.

Some of it is just a bit too intimate and painful, but it reveals a lot about society.

With a bit of polish in the production and just a little more probing in the question-asking, this could be a very strong doc indeed. Mar.02 llgff This Sundance-winning documentary traces the Scouting for All campaign launched by 12-year-old Steve Cozza, a straight Boy Scout who felt it was unfair that the Boy Scouts of America was discriminating against homosexuals.

Results. Cody Wilson's trip down the rabbit hole of radical thought began in the aftermath of. to men, worth only the sexual pleasure and fertility they can provide and. While the site remains popular in racist circles today, Black came under. Weber shocked his denial colleagues in early 2009, when he published.… continue reading »

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