Color blind international dating

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Schmidt opens the door, relieved that Nick is outside and tells him to stop being so "selfish and help." Winston decides that he's going to start a puzzle.

Nick and Jess inform Winston and Schmidt that they'll be right in and that they need to talk. The next morning, Winston continues his puzzle and Schmidt (after receiving a smiley face text from Nick) seeks a new best friend (since he can't rely on Nick anymore).

Nick wakes up in Jess' car after sleeping all night and finds that they are in Mexico.

Four days later, Nick and Jess (with their clothes torn and dirty) continue to have a wonderful time in Mexico (mostly having sex).

Nick assures Jess that nothing will like that will happen because he "wanted this for so long." Their conversation is constantly interrupted by a number of texts from Schmidt, who is freaking out about Cece and Elizabeth.

Jess says that they need some time alone so they can discuss what their relationship is.

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Nick scares the bracelet off the boy and gives it to Jess. Jess shows her bracelet, but since Nick doesn't have one yet panics and runs for the water, calling it "international waters." The security guards catch Nick and take him to jail.

When Nick's phone rings, Jess' face appears to be sad indicating this as a sign that they may never have a moment alone together. It is revealed that Schmidt was calling Nick, who is in desperate need to talk to Nick about what a terrible thing he's done.

Nick wants to stay in Mexico delcaring himself as "Paradise Nick" who is risk free and wants to be with "Paradise Jess".

Outside the loft door, it occures to the two of them that they've only been dating for thirty minutes and already living together.

The two slightly freak out if things don't work out between them and what will happen if it does.Schmidt gets frustrated at Winston for not finishing the puzzle yet, yelling at him about how a blind man could know what a corner piece is. Schmidt and Winston circle around each other arguing when Jess suddenly storms in the loft asking for "all the cash you have and Nick's passport." They all drive off to Mexico to get Nick.Back in Mexico, Jess hopes that Nick as someone to take care of him (layman's term "bitch").Back at the loft, Winston and Schmidt are not talking.

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