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Back to Index Poor quality publications, irreproducibility, and scooping are already issues with our journal system, but there is no current evidence that the situation will worsen with preprints.Most of these (with the exception of human research) have been tested with physics research and have not come to pass with ar Xiv; nor is there any indication that these problems are surfacing in biology preprints.An article on the topic of priority by Ron Vale and Tony Hyman has appeared in e Life.Back to Index Most journals allow citation of preprints in the reference list of the article in question, similar to journal articles.For such reasons, the vast majority of research-paper preprints in physics (ie, not meeting proceedings, reviews, etc) are also submitted to journals (see slide 13 in Paul Ginsparg’s talk), even though work is one’s field is generally always seen and discussed first as a preprint.However, journals provide many services for improving and validating work, which are labor-intensive: Currently, preprints from Ar Xiv, Bio Rxiv, and Peer J Preprints are indexed in Google Scholar.A preprint is a complete scientific manuscript that is uploaded by the authors to a public server.

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We currently have included a question on whether authors want commentary and what type of commentary on our recent ASAPbio survey.However, there are tangible benefits to the scientist who uses preprints, a subset of which are described below.Many of these points are also articulated in a commentary in Science Magazine (May 20, 2016).Back to Index Commentary is not part of the ar Xiv server.

However, commentary has been introduced to bio Rxiv.

Many different preprint servers are index by OSF Preprints.