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marked the beginning of the Mongol conquest of the Islamic states.

Genghis then sent a 500-man caravan of Muslims to establish official trade ties with Khwarezmia.This alone had created problems for him along his southern border.It was at this junction the rapidly expanding Mongol Empire made contact.Nor does it seem likely that Genghis was trying to initiate a conflict with the Khwarezmid Empire with the caravan, considering he was making steady progress against a faltering Jin empire in northern China at that very moment.

Genghis Khan then sent a second group of three ambassadors (one Muslim and two Mongols) to meet the shah himself and demand the caravan at Otrar be set free and the governor be handed over for punishment.

This attempt at an alliance with Genghis was made because of a dispute between Nasir and the Shah, but the Khan had no interest in alliance with any ruler who claimed ultimate authority, titular or not, and which marked the Caliphate for an extinction which would come from Genghis' grandson, Hulegu.

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