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18-Jul-2017 12:41

Inbox uses Google’s machine learning capabilities in several ways.

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Monday's unified storage announcement removes that cap. The new page has a pie chart breaking down your own personal storage over each platform, and offers easy access for buying more data.

It has the usual swipe-to-archive moves, but the signature feature is integration with popular cloud services like Evernote, One Note, Todoist, Pocket, and others.

These integrations are available in the form of cards, which you touch inside of a message to send the content to your preferred service.

Nine is specifically built for Exchange, so unfortunately you can’t use it for Gmail or other accounts.

But the app excels at allowing you to tweak how it looks, with a dark theme and different color choices for the background.Inbox also offers three replies for many emails, so you can fire back a quick, “Thanks for the information!” or another canned response in order to save time.You’re also able to swipe messages to schedule them for later, archive, or delete.