Coping with dating violence speed dating game ideas

19-Apr-2017 13:59

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Most of the study variables were correlated with dating violence in cross-sectional analyses.

Having friends who are victims of dating violence, using alcohol, and being of a race other than white predicted dating violence perpetration by females.

The project educates youth about gender-based violence, and helps them to develop skills and social actions such as personal responsibility, communication, and community participation.

An experimental study that randomly assigned 14- to 16-year-olds from child protective services to control or to the Youth Relationship Project curriculum found that the intervention was effective in reducing incidents of physical and emotional abuse and symptoms of emotional distress over time for the youth in the intervention.

These can also be fostered by a teen’s home and community.

Longitudinal data are preferred for identifying predictors of behavior but all dating violence studies have used cross-sectional data.

We use longitudinal data to examine predictors of adolescent dating violence from several domains guided by an ecological perspective.

Researchers found that the rate of physical dating violence for a random sample of Canadian students who participated in the curriculum was significantly lower than the control group (9.8 percent versus 7.4 percent).

Significance wasn’t maintained for those who had been dating in the previous year.

A few programs frame the issue using a feminist perspective, while others use a more skills-based and gender-neutral approach.